Cover Story – Bihar’s Damini

Brave Battle

Saga of raped Darbhanga girl

12 surgeries in 133 days in Jaipur

Amit Kumar Pandey

The see-saw struggle is on. An 11-year rape victim girl is putting up a brave fight to defeat death. The girl, who hails from Darbhanga in Bihar, was tossed off a running vehicle on a national highway in Rajasthan.

Police action against protestors in Delhi

Police action against protestors in Delhi

The girl was lifted from busy Sikar market in a Marshal car on August 20, 2012 and raped by four youths at a lonely place. The victim was returning home from an evening cinema show.

According to Rajasthan police, some good Samaritan found the girl senseless on the highway and rushed her to a local hospital. She was then referred to a super speciality hospital at Jaipur. Her injuries was so grievous that the doctors at the Jakalone hospital, of Jaipur had to spend several hours to determine nature of wounds inflicted on her person.

Residents offering prayers.

Residents offering prayers in Darbhanga for fast recovery of their ‘daughter’, battling for life in a Jaipur hospital.

The girl’s tragedy is similar to the Delhi girl, who subsequently died in Singapore. Her brave struggle and subsequent travails had shaken the entire nation. The entire country rose to one to demand severest punishment, including 30-year jail term and making the rapists impotent for life.

But, the travails of the Darbhanga girl remained buried for long. Some 14 reconstructive surgeries have been done to save the life of the rape victim in 133 days. Surgeons plan more surgical operations. She is showing signs of fast recovery. Infections have been contained to a great extent, say doctors attending on her. She has been reported out of danger.

The attending surgeon Dr. LD Agrawal saluted the tenacity of the victim girl. He said: “When she was taken to the hospital on August 22 the doctors took four hours to pinpoint her injuries. Initially we doubted her survival because of grave injuries and fast spreading infections. But, the girl showed great tenacity and pulled herself out of the crisis. The girl’s mother too expressed the same sentiment. “We had lost hopes. The God rescued her”, she said and folded her hands in prayer and gratitude to the Almighty.

The saddest part of the grim battle is that police probe is moving in most lackadaisical manner. Initially the police refused to entertain any FIR. When some local people, NGOs and woman activists took up the cudgel, the men in uniforms stirred into action. A case under Secs 376, 363 and 366 of IPC and sections 9 and 10 of 2012 ordinance against sexual exploitation of children with Sikar women police station. Earlier, Sikar had observed bandh against police inaction. Six persons have been named in the FIR but the police could not nab two of the accused persons in 134 days. It is alleged that some VIPs are pulling the strings from the behind.

The tormented girl, who hails from Darbhanga in Bihar, has been encountering odds for long. Her father died a year ago. Her only bother with his wife walked out of the family. The mother with her three unwed daughters went to live with her eldest daughter last summer. The husband of this daughter is employed in an aluminium factory. The tormented girl is fifth of six sisters. In course of time the mother got some employment in Sikar.

On the fateful night the girl with her elder sister and local girls was returning from a film show around 8 pm. Suddenly, a vehicle lifted the girl and sped past before the other girls could raise alarm. Police was informed but nothing was done. The next morning the raped and badly injured girl was found by the side of a national highway. Local people were aghast to see the battered girl. They launched agitations and bandh. Then only police took up the case. The girl was initially treated at Kalyan Hospital at Sikar. Later she was referred to the Jaipur hospital.


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